Things to do before you say the word "action"

Great videos come out great because of some upfront planning. Before you start filming your company video, you should take some time to nail down a proper production plan. The pre-production period helps flush out problems ahead of time and prevents roadblocks during the filming process. When working with a good video production company, they will help you through this process, but there are still things to think about ahead of time. Know Your Intended Audience Unless you hav

5 Tips on creating an online video for your website

Business videos come in several different varieties. There are explainer videos, about us videos, marketing videos -- some meant to educate, others meant to purely entertain and some designed to do both. And while there is no way to guarantee that your next business video will garner tens of thousands of views on YouTube, there are steps you can take to increase the likelihood of it being viewed, liked and shared. Here are 5 tips from video marketing experts on how to help en